A little news

Hello to you all,
                               Thank you for the many messages of concern and prayer that so many of you have sent. I am very grateful and touched by your kindness and affection. Thank you so much.
      I went into hospital in Singapore for two days last week to see whether I was suitable for the radiotherapy treatment – I must admit it was a tough four hours under the machine while they explored my liver, but most of all because I was dying to use the toilet!! God bless the male nurse who came to my aid!
       I was told when I left hospital that I was borderline for being accepted for the trial – and there followed three days of waiting – but I feel very blessed for my heart was at peace and I knew myself to be completely in the Lord’s hands – I was given a very great grace in that I found my heart happy to accept whatever the Lord decided. I realized that the phrase “he has freed me from my foes” has its deepest meaning when we have been freed from fear.
        Then today, I was told that I have been accepted for the radiotherapy trials. I am grateful for all your prayers for this – and I go back into hospital to begin on 24Aug.
My prayers are and have been for all of you.
God bless,
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