Progress report

Hello to you all,
                         first let me apologise to all of you to whose kind emails and messages I have not replied to. I tried to answer them, but got snowed under, but let me say that I am most appreciative of your message and words of support. I feel buoyed up by your prayers and love.
     Things have moved on since I last wrote to you. Last Sunday, some friends visited me and urged me to seek a second opinion in Singapore and as soon as I agreed to it, I found it was all fixed up for me to see Professor Pierce Chow, at Singapore General Hospital, who is the leading liver surgeon in this region – and also an old boy of St Joseph’s school here in Kuching.
     After several extra tests, in Singapore, I was told that he could not operate on the tumour as it had invaded a vein, but asked me whether I would agree to taking part in clinical trials for this type of cancer, whereby they use radiotherapy to shrink the tumour and then operate. These trials are taking place in cooperation with Hong Kong, Australia, EU etc and involve placing the radioactive material inside the tumour. They seem very upbeat about the treatment and tell me that it has achieved good success rates up to now. So, I have agreed to that.
     I shall go to Singapore on 13th August for two nights to see whether I am suitable for this treatment and that being so, they will apply for the radioactive serum from Australia and begin the actual treatment a week or ten days after that. This will be followed up with some chemotherapy.
    So, this is me, at the moment. I am appreciative of your prayers and good wishes and I am in a good place and at peace with whatever may happen in the future.
God bless,
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