Hello to you all,
                            for some time, now, you have probably noticed that my blogs have not been as frequent. This is because I have been feeling rather tired and this led me to see first my GP and then a specialist. They have discovered that I have a tumour in the liver – as far as I understand it, it is not itself malignant, but is being fed by a malignant tumour in the bile duct. I am told that the best way ahead is to have an operation to cut it out as chemotherapy does not work very well in this case. So, tomorrow I shall be seeing the surgeon about the operation and shall probably have it in a week to ten days time. I have decided to have it done here in Kuching, rather than returning to UK, because I am impressed with the medical services here and to return to UK would probably involve a lengthy delay before an operation could be arranged. There is, of course, no guarantee that the operation will be a success, but it is the best option available.
     I am at peace in myself, and I attribute this a lot to having practised the 12 steps for years and learnt to hand things over into the hands of the Lord. I don’t know where he will lead me, but I know that it will be with him – and that is enough for me. However, I would appreciate your prayers, both for myself and my family and close friends, for whom, in some ways, have to carry the heaviest part of the burden.
God bless,
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